We are excited to announce that our online store is finally open! We are pleased to offer you our latest website and online shopping experience.

Welcome to SKINTREATS Beauty, a Canadian-based, online destination that offers 100% authentic Korean beauty products! 

I’ve always love beauty and fell in love with Korean skincare a few years ago.  As a beauty blogger at FacetoCurls.com, part of my job involves staying on top of the latest skincare, makeup, and beauty trends; however, my first love is skincare!

Why K-Beauty?

What I love is that Koreans are focused on prevention; getting to the root of skin problems. A consistency of use is promoted verses the Western notion that all problems will be solved on a one-time use basis. Because their beauty aesthetic is so different to ours - It's all about nourishing your skin so it looks amazing without make-up, rather than the approach of investing in products to cover it all up. That philosophy was when I truly fell in love!

I have dry/dehydrated/combination skin; so my own experience with Korean skincare and how well they work for my skin made me a firm believer in its benefits.  I recalled wanting to learn and try more of Korean beauty products. My love for K-Beauty and beauty in general, was the catalyst for my launching SKINTREATS Beauty. Just like the Korean’s philosophy “skin-first”, I think of Korean beauty products as “treats” for your skin -- and so SKINTREATS Beauty was born!

I look forward to hearing your skincare stories and feedback. Email our team anytime at hello@skintreatsbeauty.com for skincare questions or advice. We'd also love for you to follow and tag us on social media at @skintreatsbeauty.

Let’s K-Beauty together!


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