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KOY Disposable Face Mask Anti Dust KF94

  • $1.50 USD

* The higher the KF index, the higher the rate of blocking dust or splashes from small particles.

* This product is a KF94 mask with high blocking rate.

* It was produced in Korea and is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


★ 100% Korean-made mask

* KOY KF94 masks are individually packaged to prevent exposure to external contamination.

* 3D stereoscopic design for comfortable breathing

* The interior space is large, so it is comfortable even when worn for a long time.


✅ Feature

  1. Quadruple structure mask. It is hygienic due to the four-fold structure principle and allows you to breathe comfortably even when worn.
  2. 3-stage folding three-dimensional structure. The three-stage folding three-dimensional structure design allows you to wear it comfortably from nose to chin.
  3. Comfortable span ear bands. With a high elastic span ear band, it can be worn for a long period of time as it does not have any trouble on your ears.
  4. Anti-fog nose support. Bendable and adjustable nose support prevents fogging.

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